LAWAI’A: Traditional Gathering & Modern Impacts

July 11, 2014 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Kohala Intergenerational Center
Kamehameha Park
Kapaau,HI 96755

We are surrounded by the ocean.  Food self-sufficiency in Hawai’i is not just about the land, but also about gathering from the ocean.  However, the ocean resources today are not what they once were.  Join us in learning traditional Hawaiian and modern ways to fish, gather and regenerate the ocean resources.

This lecture will cover:  Traditional gathering methods for ‘opihi, ‘a’ama, limu kohu; Kapu System – conservation practices for survival; Spawning cycles; Connection and counterparts between mauka and makai; Hawaiian Moon Calendar; the state of our coastline marine resources of yesterday as compared to today.


LAWAI’A (To Fish or to Catch Fish) is a two-part series.  Click Here for information on the hands-on workshop Spear Fishing, Shoreline Fishing & Throw Net, to be held on Saturday, July 12th.

jeffJeff Coakely, Instructor – Jeff grew up fishing and gathering in the pristine waters of Kaneohe Bay in the 1950s, where he learned traditional Hawaiian ways from his father and grandmother.  He moved to Kohala in 1971, where he learned from many fishermen who relied on their skill to feed their families during the plantation era.  Jeff is deeply concerned that today the reefs are depleted of fish and the stones bare of ‘opihi, limu and ‘a’ama.  He teaches people proper techniques to maintain the ocean resources, living the value of “take only what you  need”, and through education hopes that the community can work together in restoring “what once was”.

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