Sharing Food

Learn how to process local foods from our blog! New…Community Harvest Online—a place to share food and equipment.

Community Harvest Hawai‘i is a project that harvests and processes the excess food in the community—we share a community meal and distribute fresh, local food through the Food Basket and Kohala Senior Nutrition Program.

Community Harvest Hawai‘i strengthens community resilience and community food self-sufficiency through the cooperative gathering of excess food and preparation in a fun, multi-ethnic, multi-generational learning environment. The project increases access to fresh, locally grown food for the low-income community by distributing the harvested food through the Food Basket and Kohala Senior Nutrition Programs.

The goals of Community Harvest Hawai‘i are to:

Strengthen community resilience

  • Address the subtle social problem of a gap between newcomers and Kohala locals, by bringing together people of diverse ethnicities, social and economic backgrounds to share and process food.
  • Gathering a knowledge base of seasonal foods, sources and processing experts.

Increase community food self-sufficiency—help move the community towards its 50% food self-sufficiency goal.

  • Harvesting, processing and distributing food that is going to waste.
  • Teaching people how to process and preserve local foods in traditional and contemporary ways.
  • Testing the economic potential for value-added products from underutilized local resources.

Increase access to fresh, locally grown food for low income and food insecure population.

  • Fresh, local food (processed and ready to use) gets distributed through the Food Basket and Senior Nutrition Program increasing access to fresh food for the economically disadvantaged.

Community Harvest Hawai‘i operated monthly throughout 2012 with the support of the Island Innovation Fund of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation. We are currently seeking another funding source to continue in 2013.