Planning & Data

The North Kohala Food Forum recently facilitated the development of a community-based strategic plan called “Growing a Local Food System in North Kohala.” Beginning in 2009, the North Kohala Food Forum has been setting the foundation for community food self-sufficiency by gathering data and convening the community to identify barriers and opportunities to achieving the North Kohala Community Development Plan goal to “…produce 50% of the food it consumes.”


“Growing a Local Food System in North Kohala” strategic plan for community food self-sufficiency. Download here: NK_Plan_ONLINE_FINAL



“Growing a Local Food System in North Kohala”—‘Ohana Dialogue Booklet for gathering community input. This booklet was used in small group meetings to gather input from about 200 community members. Download here: North-Kohala-Ohana-Dialogue-Booklet The raw data from this input can be downloaded here: North Kohala Ohana Dialogue Raw Data




North Kohala’s Food System Today is a draft map of our local food system. Download here: KohalaFoodSystem_8.5x11_v5





Our Vision: A Local Food System in North Kohala is a blank food system map that we used to gather input from the community. Download here: LocalFoodSystem_MapGame_FINAL






North Kohala Food Forum Data Book & Proceedings: This is the community food assessment data and August,2009 Food Forum proceedings. North Kohala Food Forum Data Book and Proceedings





The Strategic Planning initiative in North Kohala is a project of the North Kohala Food Forum, Ka Hana No’eau and Kohala Intergenerational Center. Project consultant Bob Agres, Hawai‘i Alliance for Community Based Economic Development (HACBED). Funding provided by County of Hawai‘i County Council, County of Hawai‘i Department of Research and Development and Kaiser Permanente.

The 2009 North Kohala Food Forum was sponsored by the County of Hawai‘i, Department of Research & Development, Ho‘ea Agricultural Park, The Ulupono Initiative, Steering Committee Members, Starseed Ranch and other Local Contributors.